Normally it would be a pleasure to announce the winner of a fun competition. However, on this occasion choosing the winner was difficult. Two entries were strong but I could choose only one.

I’m awarding the prize of honour to Aussie Cobber, for his pose beside the death place of Captain James Cook in Hawaii. Having that photo taken was inspired, as was wearing the Australian coat of arms and flip flops. Aussie’s picture is featured on the home page. Enjoy!

Special mention goes to Margaret James for her sterling video, “A Vigil to Protect Cook’s Memorial”. I’m glad that a video was submitted in the inaugural year of the contest, and hope for many more in the future. Videos involve significant effort. At the same time, they have the potential to electrify audiences and even go viral.

It is my impression that we are off to a good start, at least regarding quality of submissions. It is important to set a celebratory tone on 26th January, because it is our day, not that of critics and naysayers.

The BAC looks forward to running the competition again next year.

Frank Salter, BAC President