As a regular feature of the BAC news page, we will curate a collection of links to articles relating to current events that may be of interest to our members for weekend reading at your leisure. Non-hyperlinked comments are ours.

Local News

The worst is still to come for Australia’s housing market – Macrobusiness. Australian house prices continue to fall, in line with successive RBA rate hikes. How far they will fall and whether this can contain inflation remains to be seen.
Universities awash with international student cheaters – Macrobusiness. More evidence of the lack of integrity in Australian universities to prevent academic fraud from international students, many of whom use these fraudulent degrees as a basis for Australian visa applications.
Higgins ‘blown away’ by $320,000 offer – The disgrace of the press gallery and those affiliated with the Liberal party knows no bounds.
State declares end to pandemic– Dan Andrews finally forced to relinquish his extraordinary powers which have caused untold suffering to Victorians since 2020.

Foreign Affairs

If the Tories want to win the next Election, this is what they have to do – The Mail on Sunday. Hitchens, long-time critic of the British Tory party lays out his prescription for their rehabilitation. We won’t be holding our breath for them to take his advice.
Signing of treaties on accession of Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to Russia – Address by Vladimir Putin. The referendum on self-determination in the regions of Kherson, Zaporozhye, Donetsk and Lugansk will result in the Ukraine losing nearly 100,000 square kilometres of territory to Russia. As a result, France will become the second largest country in continental Europe in terms of territory.
U.S. Believes Ukrainians Were Behind an Assassination in Russia – New York Times. A leak from US Intelligence indicates their believe that a car-bombing that resulted in the death of a young female journalist, Daria Dugina, was authorised by the Ukrainian government in Kiev.
Henry Kissinger Is Worried About ‘Disequilibrium’ – Wall Street Journal. Kissinger appears to make some genuine critiques of the excesses and recent failures of American foreign policy. Is he becoming moderate in his retirement?
More Evidence Points to US-NATO Sabotage of Nordstream – Kurt Nimmo. A passionate and partisan perspective on the likelihood of U.S involvement in the explosion if the Nordstream pipeline.


Drone footage captures orca whales chasing, stalking and eating great white sharks – ABC News