This week’s round up covers the a new contender in the Victorian state election, the Medibank data breach as the new McCarthyism, and a tumultuous week in geopolitics with the strengthening of BRICs, inconvenient revelations of anti-Russian bot armies, British economic woes and for some good news, a spectacular discovery of Etruscan statues that could have major implications for our understanding of the early Roman period.

Local News

Daniel Andrews to run against ‘Kim Jong-un’ in Victorian election – SBS. Finally an evenly-matched contest.

‘We know who you are’: Australian police say Russian cybercriminals behind Medibank hack – The Guardian. In an astonishing move, the AFP delivered a press briefing in the wake of the Medibank data breach blaming Russian actors,  and threatening extradition for those responsible. The use of the AFP for political purposes, deflecting responsibility from the Government, regulators and Medibank in a cynical use of public sentiment towards the war in Ukraine is a new low.

Government ‘looking hard’ at Russia’s presence in Australia, amid diplomatic tensions and spying concerns – ABC News. Is this the ‘Wong Doctrine’?

‘So Irresponsible’: U.S. Condemned for Warning Australia Against Joining Anti-Nuclear Treaty – Strategic Culture Foundation.

International News

British economy edges closer to recession – RT.

Ancient Rome: Stunningly preserved bronze statues found in Italy – BBC News.

Massive Anti-Russian ‘Bot Army’ Exposed by Australian Researchers – Declassified Australia.