This week’s news consists of some local political distractions a la Higgins case, and some novel apologia from the Labor government and economists about how they intend to mitigate the acute effects of unaffordable housing from Australia’s population ponzi scheme. The war continues to grind along in Ukraine, and there are more and more signs of malcontent from European populations who are bearing the brunt of sanctions placed on Russia.

Local News

Australia’s most notorious #MeToo case ends in chaos – RT. Three hundred thousands reasons to go through this all over again. I wonder if the retrial will form a new chapter, or perhaps a sequel?

‘Display accountability’: Customers vent fury as Medibank suffers $1.7b hit – SMH. More incompetence and criminal negligence from overpaid executives. What is even more concerning is how this is being framed as a justification for a centralised digital identification scheme, which is a serious threat to civil liberties.

Albo’s “one million” homes pledge classic Scotty from Marketing – Macrobusiness. More fake solutions. One million homes will house little more than a few short years worth of new migrants.

Seventeen women and children with links to Islamic State have officially landed in Australia from Syria – More farces from the department of immigration.

Foreign Affairs

Kanye West is back on Twitter – RT. Elon’s takeover of Twitter is bearing fruit.

Thousands rally in Prague against pro-Western government – DW. How many more of these demonstrations can we expect as winter begins to bite?

Putin warns of unpredictable decade ahead – RT. The ‘unipolar moment’ is well and truly over.

Judge Orders New York City to Reinstate Workers Fired Over “Arbitrary and Capricious” Vaccine Mandate – The New American. It will be interesting to see how many instances of vaccine mandates will not only be overturned, but remediated.