Local News

Andrews backs publicly-owned offshore wind as key renewable technology – The Age. Will this be a planet-saving miracle or simply more power price and budget pain for Victorians? Given the history of state infrastructure boondoggles, the theoretical scale of the project’s contribution to arresting global warming and the patchy record of successful wind projects, I may be forced to try and contain my enthusiasm.

Multicultural communities need to be part of Victoria’s flood emergency plans, leaders say – ABC News. The practicalities of having a patchwork of different language groups has been brought into focus during the recent floods in Victoria.

‘Raises questions’: Media Watch pins ABC over partnership with LGBT group Acon – News.com.au. I’m not sure what’s more humorous – That Paul Barry has begun to question the ABC’s bias, or the ABC’s denial and subsequent admission of conflicts of interest.

Lidia Thorpe quizzed Home Affairs boss about suspected Rebel bikie – The Age. According to The Age, Thorpe used her position in parliament to advocate for outlaw motorcycle gang members facing deportation whilst being in a relationship with said member’s outlaw boss. New scandals continue to emerge for the member for Northcote. It remains to be seen if her famous possum coat will be enough to deflect what other revelations may be in store for the voting public. She has since resigned as deputy senate leader at the request of Greens leader Adam Bandt. The fact that this scandal, and others such as the accusations of bullying an elderly indigenous woman, have come from her own staff does not portend well for her.

Immigration places increased, visa processing turbocharged in October federal budget – News.com.au. Any hope that the pro-worker, pro-union immigration sentiments that had surfaced in murmurings from Labor MPs during the coalition’s two terms can now be resolutely set aside. The ponzi shall continue apace until we are all euchred.

Foreign Affairs

Liz Truss resigns as prime minister: the five causes of her downfall explained – The Conversation. British politics continue to sink to new lows. Notably, Truss will be eligible to collect a £115,000 pension for her service to Britain.

Policymakers Need Steady Hand as Storm Clouds Gather Over Global Economy – IMF. Rather than deride the mixed metaphors of the IMFs clumsy journalists, I will post a meme reference to the 90’s film adaptation of Starship Troopers whereby the corporal announces of the enemy brain that “It’s afraid.”

Far-right leader Giorgia Meloni becomes Italy’s next prime minister, forms government – ABC News. Despite the political slur, time will tell just how ‘far right’ Meloni’s new government will be.

Germans urged to ration more gas – RT. The German government’s loyalty to US foreign policy continues to exact a major toll on the wallets of ordinary Germans.