A British nursing student is suing the Tavistock Institute for anti-white racism. Amy Gallagher, a Christian nurse and psychotherapist, is taking the Tavistock and Portman Trust to court for discrimination on the bases of religion, race, and belief, and for harassment and victimisation. She also wants to take Critical Race Theory to court. (30:30 mins.) It should be illegal to teach Critical Race Theory, she maintains.

The video reveals the unprofessional treatment meted out by Tavistock. There was even an attempt to have Gallagher struck off as a registered nurse. (28 mins.)

Gallagher observes that psychiatry never formally distanced itself from the Frankfurt School’s use of Freudianism to advance Marxism (from 23 mins.). Adorno, Horkheimer and others were pseudo scientists who distorted psychiatry for ideological purposes. This radical use of psychiatry was always around, she maintains, but recently its practitioners have gained in confidence and influence. These are Marxist ideas, not part of clinical psychology, Gallagher claims.

Gallagher states that the problem goes well beyond clinical psychology (from 24 mins.). Her earlier degree was in English literature, which she described as consisting wholly of critical theory. All texts were viewed through a Marxist lens, no other. CRT is now disseminated by the NHS (National Health Service), the civil service, and schools.

Comment: In a fair society, many universities could have been sued during the last half century for anti-white racism. Many academics in the soft social sciences and humanities have been openly critical of white people, white civilisation, and Christianity. These departments have often been hostile work environments for conservative white students and academics. Evidence for this is the declining numbers of moderate and conservative academics. This has been the case for a long time, but has become more extreme over recent decades. The best data come from the United States. As early as 1969, conservatives accounted for only one quarter of faculty. By 1999 that had fallen to 12%. By 2018 Republican-voting academics had been reduced to 4% of historians, 3% of sociologists, and 2% of literature professors.

In Australia, this writer is old enough to remember psychology, political science, and sociology courses in the 1970s at two Sydney universities (UNSW and Sydney). Any finding or theory that put Anglos in a good light, was suspect. For example, disadvantage experienced by some minorities could not be due to their maladaptive culture. Nor could their high rates of incarceration. The cause had to reside in the Anglo community, typically in some form of racism. No patriotic cause or Anglo ethnic defence was considered legitimate. Concern about non-white immigration was considered completely illegitimate. The white minorities in South Africa and Rhodesia were granted no excuses for retaining power, no legitimate interests at all. They were simply branded racist. Two decades later, when these two populations had lost power and were subjected to racist persecution, the social sciences forgot about them.

What is happening to the Tavistock Institute should have happened decades ago to a great many universities and school systems. It should happen now around the Western world. Somehow, our institutions of higher education must be returned to their historic mission of discovering and teaching truths.

Amy Gallagher is using crowd funding to pay for legal costs.

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