Australia’s origins lie almost completely in the British Isles, so it’s a good idea for the British Australian Community to get a grip on what the British Isles encompass.

The accompanying diagram is a work of visual logic, using the method popularised by John Venn (picture), a Yorkshireman born in 1834 who died in 1923. Venn was a mathematician and philosopher, a graduate of Cambridge University and a member of the Royal Society.

I could not source the diagram, though I’m sure it was not composed by Venn himself. It seems accurate enough. If anyone can provide its source or an appraisal of its accuracy, please let me know at:

The diagram has the amicable property of identifying the largest circle as the “British Isles”. This agrees with the BAC’s identification with Anglos, whom we define as those derived from the founding peoples of the British Isles or assimilated to them or their descendants.

This Venn diagram forms part of larger circles, those of European peoples and Western Civilisation. How might those two categories be added?