Today, the 6th of May 2023, Prince Charles will officially be crowned King Charles III. Ascending to the British Throne at age 74, the new monarch takes over the role from Queen Elizabeth who was the nation’s longest serving monarch.

Queen Elizabeth was beloved by a great majority of the British people and admired in Australia and around the world. She displayed an extraordinary sense of duty and the decorum befitting her role and managed to remain aloof from politics despite the important role she played as a central figure in the protection of the constitutional governance of the nation.

Charles is known, in part, for activism and outspokenness for causes close to his heart.

The coronation is important for Australia because we derived our constitutional monarchical system of government from Britain, and Charles is King of Australia as well as of Great Britain.

The British Australian Community wishes King Charles well and hope that he will be an advocate for, and an example to, the British people both at home, and around the world.

[Written by Richard Harrison.]