There are growing signs that the United States, Australia’s indispensible ally, is in the process of breaking up.
The proximate cause is a political class, spanning the elites of both major parties, that is, in effect, at war with the American nation.
In this interview, Jesse Kelly urges Republican-led states to join together to enforce border laws; to detain and expel illegal immigrants.
Kelly says he does not want America to break up, but the migrant invasion is ending the American nation and must be opposed immediately, he argues. It is time for the states to confront and defy the federal government.
Tucker sympathised.
This extreme policy recommendation is predicated on the assumption, one shared by Tucker, that the illegals cannot be deported, because the American people do not “have the stomach for it”.
In other words, Kelly believes in risking another secession and civil war because the other survival strategy, repatriation, is not feasible.
The lesson seems obvious, that responsible political strategists should be looking into ways and means for establishing a Department of Emigration, a bureaucracy able to move and resettle millions of illegals in an orderly, civilised manner.
Frank Salter