Frank Salter, 16 April 2024

On Monday 15th April, a sixteen year old boy was arrested for allegedly stabbed Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and others during a service of the Assyrian Orthodox Church in Sydney’s west.
Police have categorized the knifing as a terrorist attack.
When news of the attack spread, members of the Assyrian community gathered at the church. When police arrived, some in the crowd attacked them and emergency services officers and their vehicles. Many police were injured and vehicles damaged.
It is reported that the Lakemba Mosque has been threatened.
The BAC condemns the act of terror and the reactive violence. The attack on police going about their duties is deplorable. Government must determine why young men in the Assyrian community turned on emergency services personnel and police.
We also note with concern, NSW premier Minns’s statement, made on the ABC’s 7:30 program on 16th April, that his government will be seeking to shut down websites and social media postings that spread misleading reports. His goal is understandable, to reduce tensions among Sydney’s diverse population. But his proposed method, to curtail free speech, is unacceptable.
Instead, Minns should have admitted that the runaway ethnic diversity afflicting Australia’s large cities is undermining social cohesion.
The prime minister, Anthony Albanese also commented on the stabbing and subsequent riot. He claimed that Australia is generally harmonious. The prime minister insisted that there is “no place” for extremism in Australia. “This is a time to unite.” He urged people not to take the law into their own hands.
Mr Minns and Mr Albanese should know that reality often defies wishful thinking.
The baleful effects of ethnic diversity are well confirmed by social science research. It is time that politicians began taking responsibility for the fallout resulting from their reckless policy of mass indiscriminate immigration.