Dear BAC Members,

This is my final Message for 2022.

I and the Committee wish you all a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

The New Year promises further advances by the BAC, so I recommend you keep an eye on this website.

In 2023 we shall begin making videos, initially concerning the blight of Anglophobia, how it is humiliating and misleading our school children and distorting public culture. The initial series of videos will be based on the forthcoming book by Harry Richardson and myself, called Anglopbobia: The Unrecognised Hatred. If Anglo-Australians are to gain our rightful place in multicultural Australia, if we are to throw off the shackles of Anglophobic multiculturalism and stand tall again at the centre of politics and culture, then we must reclaim our dignity as the continuation of the Australian nation’s historic national identity. The videos we plan will document the manifold types of anti-Anglo racism. The videos will be inspired by the belief that the only acceptable form of multiculturalism is that which affords equal rights, in every respect, to the people that created the nation.

Our challenge now is to produce those videos. We have a lot to learn. Any BAC members who have expertise in making videos, please contact the Secretary Harry Richardson at

On a lighter note, in January we shall hold the second Australia Day photo contest. The winner and follower-up will be judged according to the general criterion of relevance to the First Fleet and the early colonial period, and to the particular criteria of: the photos and videos that are most daring, beautiful, soulful, historically resonant, or humorous. Watch this website for instructions closer to the 26th. Reenactment of the landing at Port Jackson (on any body of water) will have the judge’s (my) favour. Short videos published on a linkable platform are permitted, but must be made expressly for the competition. Period dress will also provide an edge. Children playing the roles of Arthur Phillip or marines or convicts or Aborigines are almost guaranteed a place. Themes of Captain James Cook or Joseph Banks will be accepted but receive a slight demerit due to anachronism.

For inspiration, may I suggest a close watching of the English Speaking Union’s History of the English Speaking Peoples, brilliantly scripted by the late Alan James, who was a longstanding BAC member.

Submissions to the photo competition must be accompanied by a release form, which will be posted here.

Once again, Seasons Greetings from me and the BAC Committee.

Frank Salter