BAC President Frank Salter awarding Reg Watson Life Membership of BAC in 2022 

The British Australian Community bids farewell to Reg Watson, a respected life member of the BAC who died earlier this year.

Reg Watson was a noted Tasmanian journalist, researcher, writer, speaker, activist, and a genuine Australian patriot.

As a sixth generation Tasmanian, he had a profound love of his heritage. His grandfather was a Boer War trooper, and his father was one of the Rats of Tobruk. This lineage inspired his passion for military and Tasmanian history, and Reg was a prominent member of the Tasmanian Military & Historical Society, the Bowen Society, and the Hobart Town (1804) First Settlers Association.

Reg was also the founder and President of the ethnic heritage group, The Anglo-Keltic Society and of the Tasmanian Branch of the Australian National Flag Association (ANFA). He was also the Tasmanian Convenor for Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.

Throughout his life, Reg had an unrelenting commitment to his heritage. Through his writings and activism, he encouraged Tasmanians and Australians in general to celebrate their British heritage.

An idea of the extent of Reg’s work can be gained from his homepage, at:

Also of interest is a video about leading Tasmanians which is based on Reg’s research:,vid:e-t5OOiQ2is,st:0

In 2022, the BAC recognised and honoured Reg for his five decades of dedicated service to our Australian community, by conferring on him life membership of the British Australian Community.

We now salute the passing of a great Australian.

Reg is survived by his four daughters, Kylie, Kate, Elspeth (Elly), and Grace, and his twelve grandchildren.

Richard Harrison
President, British Australian Community