The British Australian Community is the only representative organisation for Australians and Australian residents whose family background is from the British Isles.

Our aim is to preserve the unique form of culture that developed in Australia and to grow in positive ways as Anglo-Australians with healthy roots.

We represent the interests of our community by providing leadership and support.

What We Do:

 1.  Represent the interests of Anglo-Australians, being that segment of the Australian population descended from the Founding Peoples of the British Isles.

2.  Promote the past and present culture of Anglo-Australians, whether developed in Australia or derived from the British Isles.

3.  Make public and private representations to Australian Federal, State and local governments and statutory bodies, the media, corporations, individuals and the Australian public generally with a view to overcoming prejudice and misunderstanding regarding Anglo-Australians.


Promoting our British heritage


Upcoming Events

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May President’s Message

Vale Alan James BAC President monthly message Frank Salter   6 May 2022   Dear BAC members, Let me begin by acknowledging Australia’s historic British-derived nation and its sovereignty over all this continent’s land and waters. Long-term BAC member Alan James passed away on the 4th of April. Alan, who was recently made a Life Member of the BAC, contributed in an unparalleled way to the Anglo community and to the BAC over three decades. At our meeting of 10 April, the Committee of Management remembered Alan and his many contributions. These were summarized in a motion passed by the Committee at its 13 February meeting: Motion: That we honour Alan James for his extraordinary service to the British Australian Community and to our people by:...

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Platinum Jubilee

On the 2nd of June the Prime Minister, Mr Albanese, was reported to have said of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations across the Commonwealth: “lit up in royal purple we joined 53 other nations in celebrating our common heritage celebrating a life of service, fidelity, integrity and humanity.” Coming ahead of lighting the national Jubilee beacon on Canberra’s newly named Elizabeth II Island, the Prime Minister’s reference to common heritage pointed to an enduring cultural connection between otherwise distinct nations. It is trite to say that we share historical links with Britain and the Commonwealth. The connections run deeper. Distilled in one person, the Queen, and one institution, the Crown, the Jubilee has reminded us that we share a...

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