The British Australian Community is the only multicultural organisation for Australians whose ancestors came from the British Isles (Anglo-Celtic Australians).

Our aim is to celebrate and defend the history and interests of traditional Australians.

We call out vilification, discrimination, and violence directed at our community.

We also provide analysis and education about the various crises that our people are facing.

Join our efforts to restore respect for Anglo-Australia’s rightful place at the centre of our national story.

The Voice Referendum: An Abridged Statement on Behalf of the British Australian Community

10,100 words The full version of this statement will appear as a Quadrant Online book. A short undocumented version of 1,000 words can be read on this website here.   CONTENTS Executive summary Referendum content Evaluative criteria Context 1: The exclusion of Anglos from the voice debate Context 2: The exclusion of Anglos ethnic politics in general Context 3: The Stolen Commonwealth Stakeholders real, alleged, and ignored Invidious outcomes Improper process Conclusion 1: Referendum advice Conclusion 2: A vision of genuine reconciliation Acknowledgment. I thank the many individuals who commented on drafts of this document. In particular I thank Tom Salter for his forensic proofing and Harry Richardson for his critical reading.  ...

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President’s Message. The Voice Referendum: A Statement on Behalf of the British Australian Community

The British Australian Community calls on Australians to vote No in the referendum on a “Voice to Parliament”. Some of our criticisms of this proposal have already been made by other commentators. We agree that a constitutionally mandated voice would undermine democracy and the supremacy of federal parliament. It would also establish the ethnic privilege of a small minority, and encourage undemocratic judicial activism. Recognition should not take the form of a constitutional voice. Importantly, we also ask, “Is the proposed voice good for Anglos?” We ask and try to answer that question because the BAC, like other multicultural groups, exists to celebrate and defend the interests of a particular people; in our case Anglo-Celtic...

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The strange death of Europe up close, Part 1. Observations of a tourist, August-September, 2022

The strange death of Europe up close, Part 1. Observations of a tourist, August-September, 2022

Italy and Germany are dying from diversity. I mean that in the same way as commentators such as Douglas Murray report that mass Third World immigration is bringing about what he calls, to quote the title of his book, “The Strange Death of Europe”. He means the demographic transformation of once overwhelmingly homogenous white and Christian countries into ones largely composed of people from the Middle East and Africa. Some critics have called on Murray to offer more thorough support for his thesis. The following observations are a tourist’s impressions of demographic change in Italy and Germany. The following observations are based on notes I made during a visit to Europe, from mid August to mid September 2022. ROME Rome was my first stop...

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Press Release: The British Australian Community (BAC) commends the Presbyterian Church of Australia

The British Australian Community (BAC) commends the Presbyterian Church of Australia for its decision to discontinue the practice of Acknowledgement of Country and Welcome to Country ceremonies during Sunday services.Whilst such practices are seen by some as an inclusive gesture, the BAC asserts to the contrary. The use of the phrase “Welcome to Country” implies that Anglo-Australians need to be welcomed into their own homeland. The implications are arrogant and divisive, suggesting that Anglo Australians' connection to the land lacks legitimacy and that their claim to the land is no more than that of guests, based on the conditional approval of privileged Indigenous Australians. Furthermore, these practices do not acknowledge...

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Our Purposes:

The purposes of the association are:
(a) Represent the interests of Anglo Australians, being that segment of the Australian population descended from the Founding Peoples of the British Isles,
(b) Promote the past and present culture of Anglo Australians, whether developed in Australia, the British Isles, or other English-speaking countries,
(c) Make public and private representations to Australian Federal, State and local governments and statutory bodies, the media, corporations, individuals and the Australian public generally with a view to overcoming prejudice and misunderstanding regarding Anglo Australians, their history, heritage, and culture.


Australia Day – 2022

In 2022, the 26th of January falls on a Wednesday. When the First Fleet sailed into Port Jackson 234 years ago, fell on a Saturday. No-one was...

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Promoting our British heritage