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Senate Report Concluded With BAC Admission: Nationhood, National Identity And Democracy

As part of our mission to represent the interests of our community, the British Australian Community made a formal submission to the recent Senate Inquiry into Australia’s nationhood, national identity and democracy.

New Victorian Electorate – William Watt

A new electoral division in Victoria needs a name and we have just the man to honor.

The Senate Inquiry into Nationhood, National Identity and Democracy

The British Australian Community has made a submission to a parliamentary inquiry very relevant to us.
both the inquiry and submission are available to view here.

Britfest 2019

Britfest 2019 was a great success, with many new members joining and becoming involved in our community.

Britfest – A Brief History

Our festival has been a tradition with a past that dates back to the 1990's

New Britannia

A sample of an important publication by one of our members Alan James discussing the critical condition of Australia