This is the text of a letter sent to ten newspapers around Australia:

3 February 2023

Dear Editor,

The recent decision by the RBA not to include King Charles on the $5 note adds to a pattern of creeping Anglophobia and attacks on symbols of Anglo-Australian identity, such as the Albanese Government’s decision to allow citizenship ceremonies other than on Australia Day, as well as the overt attacks on Australia Day itself. Also, the Acknowledgment-of-Country ritual fails to mention the First Fleet and British pioneers.

Indeed, like the attempt to undermine Australia’s national day, the policy of multiculturalism was imposed on the Australian people. This policy has never explicitly recognised the identity and interests of Anglo-Australians, without whom our culture and system of government wouldn’t exist. Similarly, polls consistently show that Australians are strongly opposed to mass migration and yet, decade after decade, the political class, regardless of party, have closed ranks to ensure the planes keep flying (even if the boats might’ve stopped!)

It’s high time that the Anglo-Australian people are recognised for their unique and formative contributions to this nation with the protection of their symbols and recognition of their irrevocable stake in this country.


Frank Salter

President, British Australian Community