– The British Australian Community (BAC) issued a statement urging Australians to vote No in the upcoming referendum on an “indigenous voice to parliament”. The BAC argued that the voice proposal would undermine democracy, establish ethnic privilege, and reduce Anglo-Australians to second class citizens in the nation they founded.²

– A report by the progressive Australia Institute compared the native title system with Anglo-Australian land law, and found that the former is more complex, uncertain, and costly than the latter. The report suggested that the native title system should be reformed to provide more clarity, fairness, and efficiency for all parties involved.³

– The Law Report on ABC Listen featured a program on the birth of the Anglo-Australian legal system, tracing its origins from the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 to the establishment of the High Court in 1903. The program highlighted the achievements and challenges of the legal system, as well as its influence on Australian society and culture.⁴

Source: 2/20/2024
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