This is my final message for 2021 and I would therefore like to review our achievements and goals.

The BAC management is determined to make itself an integral part of the multicultural process. We are doing this by insisting that, like other ethnic groups, Anglo-Australians also have a right to perpetuate our traditions and advocate our interests.

We also have the right to oppose Anglophobia in all its forms.

I believe that the BAC can make a difference just by persisting as a reasonable and erudite voice for our people. The quality of our message will make us a thorn in the side of globalist elites and Anglophobes, even if the quantity of messages is low.

The best way to persist is to grow. Making the BAC an influential lobby group means expanding our numbers. A larger membership will allow us to undertake more ambitious projects. Ultimately it will allow us to hire staff. When the transition is made from being a purely voluntary group to a professional one, our scope of activities and influence will expand.
With that aim in mind, I encourage you to approach family and friends who share our views to join the BAC.

The BAC Committee is working to prepare the organisation for future growth and new campaigns. Related projects include transforming the website from an almost static (though attractive) archive to a dynamic hub with an active News & Current Affairs page.

We are establishing a new set of Branch Rules, which will allow us to set up branches throughout Australia. Another project is to publish a regular Yearbook, carrying updates of British-Australian demographics, economics, politics and recording Anglophobic incidents.

We have a number of other initiatives underway.

Working Groups
.  Last year the BAC Committee established a number of working groups to advance our cause. The working groups are: Advocacy, Think Tank, Legal, Website and Community Research.
Working groups allow you to become involved in developing the BAC’s capabilities. If you want to get involved, then please apply to one of these working groups by contacting the Secretary, Richard Harrison (e-mail:

Blak Cook Book 
representation.  The BAC is pursuing a complaint against this publication which vilifies Anglo Australians as genocidal invaders. As this publication was funded by the City of Melbourne, we have made our initial complaint to Melbourne Lord Mayor, Sally Capp. We have received no response from Lord Mayor Capp, and are now considering lodging a formal complaint with the Victorian Human Rights Commission. I shall keep you informed of developments.

Australia Day activism
.  Committee member Alan James is preparing bumper stickers (found below) to promote Australia Day. Until the stickers are made available at the BAC website shop, financial members can order them free of charge from the Secretary, again at
We need further ideas and initiatives for Australia Day, if not for 2022, then for 2023. Please let me know of any practical activity you consider we could take to celebrate and acknowledge the founding of our nation. Please also let me know how you wish to be involved in Australia Day activities.

As we wind down towards the end of 2021, I wish you all a happy Christmas and extend my best wishes for the New Year.

Yours faithfully,
Frank Salter