The Leader of the Federal Opposition, Liberal MP Peter Dutton, gave a Budget Reply speech that let down Anglo Australians.

Mr. Dutton rose to a leadership position in the Liberal Party because he presented himself as a genuine conservative, a man who stood against the globalist establishment, someone willing to be abused by the ABC and other woke media corporations.

Aspects of his Budget Reply speech dealing with the national question reveal a very ordinary Liberal politician.

The speech was given on Thursday, 27 October 2022. It can be viewed and heard here. The relevant quotations are as follows:

26:45 minutes. “Mr Speaker, we celebrate our migrant story and it’s a key strength of our economy. As the minister for Border Protection I did have to take tough decisions to keep our borders secure. But I also brought in record numbers of people from India, China, and many other countries. I instructed my department to undertake an operation to resettle Yazidi women and more than 4,000 Yazidi now call Australia home. And we are proud to call them Australians. … …”

27:45 minutes.“Mr Speaker, it was disappointing in Tuesday’s budget to see that $50 million set aside for Round 7 of the Safer Communities funding was cut. Earlier rounds of the program supported the safety of our multicultural communities, for example to provide security cameras at places of worship and programs to help youth at risk. A Coalition government that I lead will restore that funding.”

28:10 minutes. “Mr Speaker, as a nation we celebrate our wonderful indigenous history. But we need to be equally proud of our British heritage and our migrant story.”

28:56 minutes.“Mr Speaker, what is needed is a focus on making the basics a priority: reading, writing, and math; fostering a love of our country and a pride in our history and democracy without sugar-coating the past.”

Comment: Mr. Dutton criticised ideological teaching, he did not mention, let alone criticise, attacks on the identity of Anglo children. These include the Acknowledgment of Country and the flying of indigenous flags that have become ubiquitous at Australian schools. Neither did he mention the equally subversive content of the National Curriculum or the Melbourne Declaration that helped inspire these trends.

Neither did he describe the central role played by British Australians in founding and building the Australian nation. Instead, Mr. Dutton gave Anglo Australia equal billing with other identities that were relatively marginal to that project. He could be excused if he were describing the equal rights of all citizens. Instead he was describing Australia’s heritage and history. When he said “we need to be equally proud of our British heritage and our migrant story” he overlooked the fact that arrivals from the British Isles have been the most important migrant story, because they created the nation. British immigrants assimilated into the Australian mainstream with least fuss and tension, because the core Australian identity has always been Anglo-Celtic.

Peter Dutton’s speech is a put-down for Anglo Australia. Adding insult to injury, he failed to even hint at the undemocratic manner in which Anglo-Australia has been dispossessed and undermined. Nor did he comment on the grievous costs of diversity, or the cost to the founding ethnic group as they get closer to becoming a minority in their own country.

Mr. Dutton’s rhetoric is revealing. Why was it “tough” to defend Anglo interests by stopping small numbers of illegal immigrants, but easy to betray Anglo interests by letting in much larger numbers of Indians and Chinese? After all, the Coalition receives most of its votes from Anglos.

This was a grovelling sell-out of a speech, one that lacked loyalty, vision or rigour of forethought. It is difficult to believe that Mr. Dutton wrote this part of his speech.

The sobering fact for Anglo Australians is that Peter Dutton is one of Australia’s most credible politicians. He has demonstrated reasonable judgment and courage on a number of issues. If he is our best hope, we are in serious trouble.

There have been earlier signs of Peter Dutton showing Liberal weakness. Recall his message to new immigrants when Immigration Minister.

“The history and culture of Australia has [sic] been forged over thousands of years, first through Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and more recently with people from the four corners of the earth.”[i]

The claim that Australia had been settled by people from around the world ignores the leading role of Britain and people from the British isles and elsewhere in Europe. Instead of a false statement, Mr. Dutton should have given historical Anglo-Australia its due, rightly attributing to that people Australia’s creation.

What should Peter Dutton have said in that part of his budget reply? He should have apologised, not for being tough on illegal migrants, but for going against the democratic wishes of the nation by imposing profound demographic change. He should have expressed remorse at helping create high levels of ethno-religious diversity, with its attendant psychological and social costs. He should have promised never again to be influenced by the globalist wing of the Liberal Party, the corporate media, or leftist bureaucrats. He should have promised to have only the national flag flown at schools and government buildings and to adopt democratic multicultural values by making schools teach all children, including those belonging to the founding majority ethnicity, to be proud of their identities and histories.

[i] Dutton, P. (2017). Letter to new citizens read at the citizenship ceremony, Wyong Council chambers, 28 August, by Ian Reynolds, Administrator of Central Coast Council.