The multicultural reaction occurring in Europe is strongest in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. This must puzzle left-ideologues, who believe that social cohesion can be legislated, for example by giving immigrants a citizenship document. White nations are meant to gladly roll over and die from mass Third World immigration they never approved. Those who pull back from national suicide must be racists, according to leftist cultural elites.
The puzzle is made more confusing by the fact that reaction is strongest with the countries with the most generous welfare systems; those with a long Social Democratic tradition. What is happening?
Well, there is no puzzle for social scientists who study human nature. They expect generous welfare states to be the first to be hurt by replacement level migration. Because when millions of new citizens receive welfare benefits towards which they have not contributed – including cash, schools, hospitals, roads, and other infrastructure – that is a huge impost – a wealth transfer – from long -term residents to the newcomers.
Insult is added to injury when the immigrants behave in hostile ways. When they accuse the nation of racism, a message amplified by cultural elites. When they attempt to stamp out complaints using United Nations “Human Rights” agencies. When the new social media joins in attempts to censor the host nation. And when the immigrant rape and pillage en mass and otherwise show contempt for the founding culture.
Denmark’s crack-down on the multicultural colonisation of their nation is them choosing to retain their generous, trusting welfare state, instead of the dubious joys of diversity.