Damien has a satirical look at his career as an actor starring in television shows like City Homicide, Jack Irish and Neighbours. .

Including turning up at Flinders University, straight out of high school, to do a drama degree only to be told that they wouldn’t do Shakespeare because he was a misogynist and they’d be using the communist playwright Bertolt Brecht as the pinnacle of the artform instead. He should have known then what was to come but his family were so happy that a working class kid had gotten into uni that he started to believe his own bullshit.

Damien talks about the difficulties of having an original thought in the arts industry and how that led to him being cancelled for publicly refusing to take the jab. Although, having lost a job on television, many years ago, for writing an article critical of feminism, he had technically already been cancelled. Is it possible to be cancelled twice?

Damien will talk about the highs and lows of resisting the lockdowns in Victoria and how close the government came to losing control of the narrative before firing on unarmed protestors at the Shrine of Remembrance with rubber bullets. Statistically speaking, there is more chance of being killed by a rubber bullet than Covid. So, why is the state so obsessed with labelling people who disagree with its narrative as fascist? Was it a protester who urinated on the Shrine of Remembrance, as reported on the mainstream media or, as is more likely, a police horse?

Last month Damien was even vilified in the Age as Hitler for daring to identify in the interest of white heterosexual males.

The real problem as Damien sees it, is not the Left, but the mainstream conservative gatekeepers that work against the truth coming out.

He will also be joined on stage by a couple of great local speakers talking about issues pertinent to the region.