Deported from the Immigration Panel: when the Democracy Society invites a controversial speaker

This report continues the shameful censoring of Professor Drew Fraser at the Australian National University in Canberra. While Prof Fraser’s critics are quoted, he is not. He should have been the first person approached by the student journalist, because it is he who was silenced.
It is outrageous that a victim subjected to such craven attack has not been interviewed by an ANU publication.
The take-home lesson is clear: the replacement-level immigration being experienced, is illegitimate because it is being imposed against the will and the democratic traditions of the founding nation.
Another lesson is that, as on so many occasions, the universities are complicit in the top-down demographic revolution. If the ANU had stood up for the Anglo tradition of open debate, that would have made the elite project of de-nationalising Australia more difficult.

The ANU has a history of betraying academic and patriotic values. Malcolm Fraser, when prime minister, drew on the work of long-term ANU Professor Jerzy Zubrzycki, who gained the reputation as the intellectual “father of multiculturalism”. A more appropriate label would be the “butcher of truth and social cohesion”. Prof. Zubrzycki ignored the philosophical, historical, and increasing scientific support for the White Australia Policy, beginning with the great British philosopher of liberalism, John Stuart Mill.
Despite surviving the brutal anti-national Nazi occupation of Poland during WWII, Zubrzycki expressed contempt for Anglo-Celtic Australian culture, feeding Malcolm Fraser’s Anglophobic assertion that Australia was a narrow Anglo-Saxon society.
The ANU has a lot for which to apologise and make good, if it is not to be known as the Anti-National University.

Frank Salter