British Australian Community – Past Awards

The BAC Literary Prize was inaugurated in 2012. It was for an 800-word essay on the theme of the positive influence of British heritage and culture in Australia. The competition winner received a prize of $1000. The Prize was not offered in 2019. It was last offered in 2020 and officially discontinued in 2022.

The winning essays (with the judges’ comments at the time) are published via this web page.

The Legacy of Our Ancestors [2020]

Judges' comments:  This submission inspires a great image of Australia’s past and reflects on the energy that birthed the nations great identity. Jay Hutchison encourages a feeling of bond with our...

Time for Pride (Again) [2017]

Judges' comments: Jade’s encapsulation of the unity, vigour and optimism of the international Anglo-Celtic diaspora during the Victorian era is remarkable, given the tight word-limit of the BAC...

From Acorns to Oaks [2016]

Judges' comments: Tasmania’s Heidi Townsend is to be commended on her atmospheric evocation of the transforming effects of British settlement on the landscape of her region. We felt this depiction...

A Beacon of Light in a Sea of Darkness [2014]

Judges' comments: 2014 saw two joint-winners: “A beacon of light in a sea of darkness” by Jake Breheny of Victoria, and “Reflections of British influence on Australian Literature” by Bridgett Leslie...

An Older Lady’s Reflections [2013]

Judges' comments: Llewella Jenkins sheds a late-afternoon light on an almost forgotten ceremony. This celebration of a ritual that once helped bind together the world-wide British diaspora derives...

From Everything to Nothing [2012]

Judges' comments: With unstrained appreciation of the pervasiveness of British culture in Australia, Saxon Smith approaches his topic with youthful vigour but also youthful playfulness. These are...

Conditions of Entry for the BAC Literary Prize (2012-2022)

1. The British Australian Community Literary Prize is open to all Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

2. The Prize will be awarded to an original, unpublished essay not exceeding 800 words, on the theme of the positive heritage of British culture in Australia.

3. Entries will not be under offer to any publication, or offered for publication, until the adjudication is finalized and the winner is notified.

4. The Prize will normally be awarded to a single winner, but up to three additional entries may be commended. The winner will be notified personally, and announced on the BAC website in early November. The essay will be published on this website and in any other relevant BAC publication.

5. Entrants may submit no more than two essays for consideration.

6. Each single entry must be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $10.00 for administration expenses. Personal cheques, bank cheques, postal/money orders should be made payable to the British Australian Community.

7. As a copy of the Entry Form can be kept for tax purposes, receipts will not be issued unless requested.

8. If sent by post, entries should be typed, one side only, on A4 paper. Entries are assessed in their original submitted versions only. No subsequent editorial amendment or resubmission is permitted.

9. Personal details should not appear on any manuscript, to ensure discretion and fair-dealing in the adjudication process. Please supply full details as required on the separate Entry Form.

10. Do not submit original manuscripts. Please submit copies only as entries will not be returned.

11. The British Australian Community accepts no liability for loss or damage of manuscripts.

12. The decision of the BAC’s adjudication panel is final. No subsequent correspondence will be entered into.

13. The judging panel does not provide feedback or critical comment on individual entries, except at its discretion.

14. The judges reserve the right not to confer the Prize in any given year.

15. The value of the Prize will be AUS $1,000, until further notice.