A video explaining why the BAC opposes the Voice referendum has been posted on several social media platforms, including YouTube. The text of the video can be read in my post of 28th June here. For a longer version see my post of 17th July, here. Quadrant magazine is publishing our full position paper as an online book.

I recommend taking the time to read one of the long versions because, in order to formulate a principled position on the Voice referendum, it was necessary to develop a broader Aboriginal policy. Your feedback would be appreciated.

Highlights of the video include:

  1. The referendum is flawed by failing to include Anglo advocates in any of the preparatory consultations;
  2. As a result, Anglo interests have been completely ignored, despite us having a major stake in the country’s governance. That is the result of British-Australians creating the six colonies and, in 1901, the Commonwealth. The failure to consult the major stakeholder in the nation offends probity and decency;
  3. Although the BAC opposes the Voice proposal, we do concede the appropriateness of recognizing indigenous Australians in a preamble to the Constitution. However, we add to this conventional view the condition that Australia’s Anglo founders also be recognised. After all, we were the nation, from 1788 through the 19th century and at least up to and including the Second World War.

Frank Salter