BAC News Review – 19th January 2022 – CANZUK ties / Awaiting the flood / 2001 Cabinet papers / Indigenous Tomb / Horror Story Debunked / Mystery Fire / Parliamentary Ouroboros / Donald Mackay

BAC News Review As silly season winds up, we return with a review of the news over the Christmas break, and we promise we won’t mention anything about a certain Serbian tennis player, of which we’re sure you’ve all heard quite enough (unless you have just returned from exile in the depths of Siberia). CANZUK […]

BAC News Review – 17th December 2021- The Ashes/ Birth Rates & Mass Immigration/ Australia Day & Diversity/ Our Illustrious Past/ Our ‘fully consulted’ future

The Ashes It’s on a cheery note that we commence our first news review (which will continue regularly in 2022), with the Australian cricket side comprehensively defeating England in the first test of the Ashes, and looking strong early in the second test. No doubt this has proven a welcome distraction from the recent travails […]