Alan James BAC Advocacy Award

This award commemorates the late Alan James, editor of the British Australian Community’s magazine for over 18 years, author of New Britannia: the Rise and Decline of Anglo-Australia and a life-long peerless advocate of the interests of Anglo-Australians.

The award recognises outstanding service and advocacy by an individual on behalf of the Anglo-Australian community.

Alan James Advocacy Award 2022 Winner – Reg Watson

The inaugural recipient of The Alan James BAC Advocacy Award is Reg Watson, a long-standing member of the British Australian Community.

Reg Watson has promoted the social, historical and ethnic heritage of Tasmania through his work in researching and celebrating the achievements of the island’s British settlers.

Reg has conducted extensive historical research and written on topics ranging from the Risdon Cove settlement, prominent bushrangers such as Brady and Cash, to contemporary Tasmanian history. He founded the Lieutenant John Bowen Association to recognize Bowen’s leadership of the first British settlement of Tasmania.

He has also advocated for national issues such as the retention and celebration of Australia Day.

The BAC President, Dr. Frank Salter, announced Reg Watson as the inaugural award winner in June 2022 in recognition of his tireless advocacy on behalf of the Anglo-Australian community over a span of five decades.

As the Award recipient, Reg Watson gave a keynote speech in Melbourne in July 2022 on Tasmania’s British heritage.