About Us

We are a living community!

With a long history and bright future, this organisation will continue to provide a sphere for families and individuals to come together and share friendship and direct support for one another in solidarity of common heritage and destiny.

The support of our members enables us to in turn support our people through perusing the Constitutional Objectives of the British Australian Community. This is achieved not only by promoting and facilitating local activities but by being a voice for our people and representing ourselves in state and federal matters through ongoing advocacy.

From our foundation in 1967 as The United Kingdom Settlers’ Association this organisation has operated with the same core values we have today. Having evolved over the changing landscape of our nation the UKSA, now known as the British Australian Community, is still going strong today, promoting the ongoing contributions to Australia of British Isles migrants and their descendants.

Featured News and Current Affairs

Britfest 2019

Britfest 2019

Britfest 2019 was a great success, with many new members joining and becoming involved in our community.

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The official journal of the British Australian Community with articles and opinion pieces concerning current affairs as well as historical information.

Constitutional Objectives

  1. Represent the interests of all people born in the British Isles or descended from people born in the British Isles resident in Australia.
  2. Promote the past and present culture of the British Isles, including those aspects of British culture that have developed and evolved in Australia.
  3. Make public and private representations to Australian Federal, State and local government and statutory bodies, the media, corporations, individuals and the Australian public generally with a view to overcoming prejudice and misunderstanding regarding British people and their descendants,
  4. Provide social activities and promote social relationships between members and between members and the general public.
  5. Do all such other things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.