Alan Bouch Online Award 2023

Sun Vessel

Winner of the British Australian Community’s
2023 Alan Bouch Online Award

Sun Vessel is an Australian music artist whose work is original, creative and published online. His works reflect a positive approach to the spiritual issues confronting our people. He performs in the neo-folk style and uses traditional European themes and European images in many of his productions.

In considering nominations for the 2023 Alan Bouch Online Award, the BAC Committee agreed that Sun Vessel’s published musical works align well with Alan Bouch’s lifetime passion for folk music, evident in Alan’s radio programs in the 1980s-1990s. The Committee commended Sun Vessel for his focus, through his art, on “the spiritual health of the folk”.
The prize this year comprises a cash gift of $1,000, a commemorative certificate, complimentary membership of the BAC for 12 months, and a copy of New Britannia by BAC member Alan James (1952-2022).
Congratulations, Sun Vessel, from the British Australian Community!

Further information about Sun Vessel: