Accusations of “racism!” have been hurled at any attempt to moderate the large scale immigration that is destroying national identity, lowering wages, and crowding our major cities.

Dick Smith gave 60 Minutes this interview four years ago. His argument for reducing immigration had nothing to do with identity, and everything to do with ecological sustainability. Nevertheless, this self-effacing (and people-effacing) man was met with the question, “is reducing immigration racist?” This is typical of 60 Minutes. And the ABC. And SBS. And much of the print media.

The imbalance is clear. Those who promote massive, replacement level immigration are never accused of anti-white motives. They are never asked to justify swamping the historic Australian nation. Their jobs are not threatened. They are never hauled before a “Human Rights” tribunal.

At least Mr. Smith was permitted to state his case on television. Would he have been granted any platform at all if he had declared that Anglo-Australians have an interest in remaining the overwhelming majority of the country they created?