The British Australian Community is the only representative organisation for Australians and Australian residents whose family background is from the British Isles.

Our aim is to preserve the unique form of culture that developed in Australia and to grow in positive ways as Anglo-Australians with healthy roots.

We represent the interests of our community by providing leadership and support.

What We Do:

 1.  Represent the interests of Anglo-Australians, being that segment of the Australian population descended from the Founding Peoples of the British Isles.

2.  Promote the past and present culture of Anglo-Australians, whether developed in Australia or derived from the British Isles.

3.  Make public and private representations to Australian Federal, State and local governments and statutory bodies, the media, corporations, individuals and the Australian public generally with a view to overcoming prejudice and misunderstanding regarding Anglo-Australians.


Australia Day – 2022

In 2022, the 26th of January falls on a Wednesday. When the First Fleet sailed into Port Jackson 234 years ago, fell on a Saturday. No-one was...

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Promoting our British heritage


Upcoming Events

Britfest 2019

Britfest 2019 was a great success, with many new members joining and becoming involved in our community.

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July President’s Message

Melbourne Event: Reg Watson Honoured BAC President message Frank Salter   17 July 2022 Dear BAC Members, On the 2nd of July in Melbourne, at ESU House, the BAC awarded historian and long-term BAC member Reg Watson the first Alan James BAC Advocacy Award, in recognition of his many years of service to the organisation and to Anglo Australia. As part of the award, Reg received Life Membership of the BAC. He then presented a fascinating talk on the subject, “Tasmania’s British Heritage”. Later in the evening, I gave a talk on the subject, “Multiculturalism as a Majority Anglo Strategy”. There followed a lively Q&A. The event was live streamed. and can now be viewed via our BAC YouTube channel. Please subscribe to the channel, watch and...

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BAC News Review – July 2022

Welcome back to the latest examination of the news of concern for Anglo-Australians over the past month. Census Wash-up The Australian’s Paul Kelly wrote a revealing column on last month’s release of Census data, showing the continued demographic transformation of Australia from its traditional Anglo-Australian base. Alongside that change, and perhaps receiving the most mainstream attention, was the drop in the proportion of the population claiming that they are Christian below 50% for the first time. In typical Kelly fashion, he states that “These trends will only intensify in the coming decade. The politicians aren’t really in control of the forces that drive Australia’s directions. More often than not, their task is to manage the...

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Frank Salter’s Multicultural Strategy for Majorities

Frank Salter’s Multicultural Strategy for Majorities

This speech was given when Reg Watson was presented with an award by Frank Salter of the BAC for a lifetime’s advocacy and achievement both for the BAC and for his people. Frank’s speech covers the need for a multicultural strategy for majority populations which are currently being demonised by the multicultural establishment.

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