Promoting Our
British Heritage

The British Australian Community is the only representative organisation for Australians and Australian residents whose family background is from the British Isles.

Our aim is to preserve the unique form of culture that developed in Australia and to grow in positive ways as Anglo-Australians with healthy roots.

We represent the interests of our community by providing leadership and support.

Australia Day – 2022

In 2022, the 26th of January falls on a Wednesday. When the First Fleet sailed into Port Jackson 234 years ago, fell on a Saturday. No-one was resting. Charles Darwin visited the colony in 1836 and was struck by its dynamism. Like being home, on the other side of the

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Senate Report into Nationhood, National Identity and Democracy Acknowledges BAC's Submission


As part of our mission to represent the interests of our community, the British Australian Community made a formal submission to the recent Senate Inquiry into Australia’s nationhood, national identity and democracy.

We submitted that a rise in ethnic diversity has led to a decline in social cohesion in Australia. To re-establish social cohesion, we proposed that Australia’s immigration policy be adjusted by increasing the proportion of migrants from the British Isles. We also proposed the introduction of a civics education program in schools that teaches and promotes Australian values derived from our national history and heritage.

News And Articles

Platinum Jubilee

On the 2nd of June the Prime Minister, Mr Albanese, was reported to have said of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations across the Commonwealth: “lit up

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Constitutional Objectives

  1. Represent the interests of all people born in the British Isles or descended from people born in the British Isles resident in Australia.
  2. Promote the past and present culture of the British Isles, including those aspects of British culture that have developed and evolved in Australia.
  3. Make public and private representations to Australian Federal, State and local government and statutory bodies, the media, corporations, individuals and the Australian public generally with a view to overcoming prejudice and misunderstanding regarding British people and their descendants,
  4. Provide social activities and promote social relationships between members and between members and the general public.
  5. Do all such other things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.